Psychopastoral: CD
  • Psychopastoral: CD
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Phil Burdett's tenth studio album. Written and recorded to be listened to as one continuous track of 12 songs (56 mins). Complete album includes poetic and musical links that will not be available for download. Guest artist Lyndon Morgans from Songdog (with thanks).

Tracks: Net of Joy, She's Another Day, Fantasy Afternoons (1977-86), Sisyphus on Denmark Street, Solace in The City, Black Dress (Halloween Song), John Clare Constitutional, Wildernessing ( Folie a Deux), Old Maudit, Ain't No Bottom To The Well, Well, Well, Sleepwalker in The Wild, Dotage Train.

Track previews of Solace In the City and Fantasy Afternoons on site wide media player. More to to follow...

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