Suburban Mythic was the label set up by Phil Burdett and Colleen McCarthy to produce Phil Burdett's album.Phil is now due to sign a contract with Drumfire Records and all future releases will go via them.  Suburban Mythic is the publishing company for Phil Burdett's music. All correspondence for using songs or request co-writing/writing songs to be submitted via the main contact page.

 Email with enquiries about gigs/songwriting licencing work for film or television. Licence agreements are administered via Eaton Music although all agreements are made directly via  Phil Phil is a full member of PRS and all work is registered for copyright.

Industry / Reviewing/ Venue or publishing enquiries or to download song samples please contact us and we can send links for download. Complete the form contact form below with request and we can send you a link for free mp3 downloads or send a CD ( in which case give your business address).

Songwriting enquiries: Phil will work with some artists looking for songs. He can write for you or co-write but this is on a case by case basis. Again, use the form to contact us and we can organise to discuss your needs further and if Phil feels he can contribute to the project.

Works so far on Suburban Mythic more details and tracks in the store

All enquiries through the contact form please